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How do I edit my dating profile?

Zoosk Customer Support
posted this on January 12, 2011 12:20

We are happy that you want to edit and improve your profile. It is definitely worth the time and effort. We have found that Zooskers with complete, thoughtful profiles tend to get a lot of attention from other Zooskers. To edit your profile, follow the directions below:

From a computer:
- Log in to www.zoosk.com.
- Click on your photo/name on the upper left side of your Zoosk page
- Click on "Edit Profile".
- On the left side you will see a column of "Things To Do". These are your profile categories. Click on a category and fill in the text fields with your information.
- Click "Save and Continue" before moving on to the next category!

From a mobile device:
- Log into your Zoosk account through your Zoosk app or by visiting t.zoosk.com.
- Tap the menu at the top left corner of your screen.
- Tap on your photo and name.
- Scroll down past your photo space and tap on the blue "Edit" link underneath your "Basics" information next to "Story", "Perfect Match", "Ideal Date", etc.
- Tap "Save" when you have completed your changes.


To contact Zoosk Customer Support, click here.

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