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How can I get more responses to messages I send on Zoosk?

Zoosk Customer Support
posted this on January 12, 2011 12:24

Our goal is to make online dating as fun and easy as possible. Still, we understand that dating in general is tricky, and we recognize that it often takes time and effort to get responses and make connections. So we’d like to offer you some tips that have proven to be helpful for other Zooskers. 


- Complete Your Profile: Share more interesting information about yourself in your Story. Provide detailed information about your interest in Perfect Match and Ideal Date. You may also "like" pages on Facebook, which will automatically add those affinities to your profile. If you don't want to include Facebook interests, you can also think about writing about your favorite interests in order to provide an inviting presentation of yourself.

- Upload Pictures: We encourage you to take advantage of the space for up to 6 pictures on your Dating Profile. Share photos of your interests, pets, family, etc. Remember to put your best face forward! We have found that photos of the Zoosker with a smile tend to get more responses. Also, feel free to upload your photo's with newer photos as you take them. Remember that all Zooskers are required to have at least one approved profile picture only of themselves before they send a message on Zoosk.

- Send a Gift: Consider a virtual rose, teddy bear, or cocktail as a way to express your interest.

-Remember the following rules of thumb when writing your introductory messages on Zoosk:

1. Don't be nervous. Even if your so nervous your stomach is tied up in knots, try to stay calm.
2. Do your homework. It's worth taking the time to read someone's profile before sending that first message. Most complete profiles give details or insight into that Zooskers personal interest.
3. Cool your jets. The best way to approach a first message is to keep things light and simple. Avoid saying too much. TMI - or 'too much information' as this can be alarming with a first message.
4. Spell check. Never underestimate the power of a typo-free letter.
5. Be patient. If someone doesn’t respond to you after one or two messages, it may be wise to move on. Repeatedly messaging another Zoosker without a response has the potential of creating a bad impression of you.

- Check the Blog: The Zoosk blog is full of dating tips and insightful bits about romance, attraction, and love. Visit the Zoosk blog at http://blog.zoosk.com

- Watch our Videos: The Zoosk TV YouTube channel features a ton of fun videos that discuss dating. There are also videos about the ways to best utilize Zoosk’s many features. Visit Zoosk TV at www.youtube.com/zoosk

We hope this information helps you along your way to meeting your potential Zoosk matches. Please contact customer support if you have additional questions or still require assistance.

To contact Zoosk Customer Support, click here.



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