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How do I block someone from contacting me?

Zoosk Customer Support
posted this on February 09, 2011 17:19

It is very important to us to provide Zooskers with a safe online dating experience. If you see inappropriate content or behavior on Zoosk, please bring it to our attention by blocking or reporting the Member.

If you are on www.zoosk.com on your computer and you're looking at the profile you wish to block or report, next to their photo, you will see a light gray down arrow next to their age, city and their astrological sign/name they're using. Click on the down arrow and click on "Report Abuse" and choose a reason to block or report that person. Any blocking or reporting will remain anonymous to this Member.

From within the Conversations or Messages box you can block another profile by clicking on Block User on the left of the message box.

If you are using Zoosk Messenger and you’re on a person’s profile, a gray "person" icon with a red circle with a slash will appear next to "Messages" underneath their photo. If you click on this icon, a drop-down menu will appear. Choose "Report this User". You will then have the option to choose a reason to block them.

If you are using an Android device and you're looking at the profile you wish to block, next to the message space, you will see a "gift box" and four dots "•••". If you click on the 3 dots, you will be shown reasons to block that person. Click on "Report" and the profile will be removed shortly.

If you are using an iPhone and you're on the person's profile you want to report or block, tap on the four dots "•••" next to the gift box icon next to where you would normally type your message. If you click on the 4 dots, click on "Report User", choose the reason from the menu, click "Report", and the profile will be removed shortly.

Once you block someone, you should not receive any further Messages from that specific user, and you will no longer be visible to that person. The blocked user will no longer be able to send you Winks, Messages, Gifts, or Chat Requests on Zoosk. Users you have blocked will no longer appear in your Search results.

Reported profiles are reviewed by Zoosk employees every day. You will not receive any follow up information regarding your submitted report, but please rest assured that we thoroughly investigate the content and behavior of the reported Zoosker. We will then take the appropriate action based on our investigation.

Please take a moment to review our Online Dating Safety Tips: http://www.zoosk.com/safety.php


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